How Sports BRAS are Constructed

Sports BRAS are a different breed of clothing. Their fabric and construction are completely unique and their expected level of performance is like no other clothing.

They’re expected to keep our girls in place so that they don’t bother or bounce around during our workouts yet they’re suppose to be breathable, flexible, and be comfortable. Whether you’re an A or DDD you need to make sure you wear the right sports bra for you and your specific needs based on size, comfort, budget, level of activity that your performing. 

Every week ill arm you with the information you need to make the right choice for you.

Starting with "How Sports BRAS are Constructed" ..........

Encapsulation sports bras: These bras use individual cups to surround and support each breast separately. There is no compression in these bras (most everyday bras are encapsulation bras) making them generally best for low-impact activities. Encapsulation bras provide a more natural shape than compression BRAS. No monoboob here!!

Compression sports bras: These BRAS typically pull over your head and compress the breasts against the chest wall to restrict movement. They do not have cups built into the design. Compression sports bras tend to work best for low- to medium-impact activities.

Compression/encapsulation sports bras: Many sports BRAS combine the above methods into a supportive and comfortable style. These BRAS offer more support than compression or encapsulation alone, making them generally best for high-impact activities. These Sport BRAS can be a little intimidating and not as attractive as the low impact sports BRAS. To get past this team them up with a funky compression, that way you don't have to compromise on support or style! 

Furthermore you need to know your measurements and size before selecting the perfect sport BRA for you. Click on the below links to learn how its done.  

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